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Artist Bio

I began drawing in the late 1970s whilst working on fishing vessels. It was a way out of a deadlock even though I did not know how to draw or paint. This initial stage could be best described with the phrase: if a man does not know what he wants, then he wants something grand.

I began studies at the Academy of Fine Arts meanwhile attending a few private drawing classes, I tried to specialise in intellectual composition as well as cultivate drawing. Summer Pleinairs left a big impact. It was the pinnacle of creativity. Upon completion of the Academy my attention was shifted to urban landscape. At first it was almost monochrome, graphic and harsh, but later I began to enhance it and it evolved into polychrome. I came to the conclusion that it the artist who should bring beauty to life. There is destruction and hideousness all around us; you do not need to look far. But do you remember your first impressions of childhood? Birds chirping, icicles melting, the first blade of grass, the world is radiant. For me, the most noble goal of the artist is to perpetuate these wonderful moments. Right now and right here. A good piece of art lets you relive aesthetic experience serving as a witness for a particular time and place. It must be savoured.

Just a few words about my bread and butter – portrait drawing. No one could ever prove to me that drawing a portrait in five minutes with perfect anatomy and mimic is not art. If you do not agree, you may sit down and show how it is done. I live in perfect accordance with my artists’ conscience, just like with any other philosophical system – Christianity, Zen Buddhism. I am a mirror. I stay out of the daily hustle and bustle. I earn my daily bread in hard work but at the same time I do not belong to any hierarchy where often - I'm the boss and you're the fool. The right way is what you do alone, individually. Wrong – do what everyone else does.

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